New Year’s Celebrations in the Hispanic world

Happy New Year
In Spain/ En España New Year’s Eve, or Nochevieja (Old Night), December 31, is mostly celebrated with friends, although it’s often celebrated with family as well. The dinner is very similar to the one for Nochebuena, but at 12 o’clock there is great anticipation. This is the moment when everyone gets ready to eat 12 ... Read more

Christmas in Spain and other Hispanic countries

One of the most characteristic things about Christmas in Spain is the belén (Nativity scene), also known as the pesebre (manger), or nacimiento (birth). The belén can be seen in December in many homes and businesses. However, its origin is not Spanish; King Carlos III of Spain brought the tradition from Naples. But the belén ... Read more

The Big One: The Christmas Lottery in Spain

Loteria de Navidad
Around this time every year, people in Spain wait eagerly for the 22nd of December, the date of the special Christmas lottery under the auspices of the state organization Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. This lottery first took place on December 18, 1812 in Cádiz, but it wasn’t named the Christmas Lottery until 1892. This ... Read more

All Saints Day: November 1, 2019

Halloween header
All Saints day is celebrated throughout Spain and in most Latin American countries. These days Spain is a secular country, but this date is still important in Spanish culture. On this day many families, Christian or not, commemorate their ancestors and all their loved ones who have died. Many go to the cemetery to clean ... Read more

Fiesta nacional de España: Saturday October 12, 2019

Fiesta nacional de España
Spain’s national holiday celebrates the “discovery” (although nowadays we recognise that a better term might be “invasion” or a “conquest”) of the Americas and the creation of Hispanic culture. It’s also known as el Día de la Hispanidad (Day of the Hispanic identity), because it is also celebrated in Latin America under various names: Día ... Read more