Real Spanish update

Hello everyone. I hope you have been able to take advantage of your Real Spanish subscription during the Coronavirus quarantine. As we head into summer I’d like to update you on what’s happening on Real Spanish.

New subscription plan: LIFETIME individual subscription

Because of the emergency we haven’t been able to produce new material as quickly as we would have liked. In recognition of this we have changed our subscription plan.

Good news

  • Instead of a renewable annual subscription, we are implementing a one-time-only individual subscription. In other words we won’t be billing subscribers on the anniversary of their initial payment. Subscribers will always have access to all the material currently available on Real Spanish, plus all new material as it is produced.
  • Existing subscribers: your enrollment has been changed to the new individual subscription. You’ll be able to log in with the same login credentials, but you will never be charged again.
  • For a limited time, new subscribers can buy a subscription for 99 Euros (plus VAT, if applicable in your country). Seize this opportunity, and invite your friends!
  • The fee for an individual course is 25 Euros + VAT and gives you access to that course for as long as you like. Special pricing for groups of 5 or more (e.g., a teacher and four students): 20 Euros + VAT per person per course.

Real Spanish in Minutes:

Real Spanish in Minutes

Check out our free mini-lessons! Some of these videos are short excerpts from our full-length online Spanish lessons, while others are based on some of our blog posts on very focused topics: for example, «Salir rana» y otros usos del verbo «salir». Each mini-lesson comes with a complete transcript.

Real Spanish blog

This blog brings you interesting information about the Spanish language and the Hispanic world. You can learn lots of vocabulary and expressions that will help you feel more confident and sound more natural in conversation with native speakers. We also discuss some tricky grammar points and explain words that are easily confused, such as words that look or sound alike and “false friends”. From time to time we also offer some tips on how to improve your own learning. Our blog posts are grouped under the following categories:

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