What’s going on at Real Spanish?


Hi. I’m Elizabeth at Real Spanish.

Are you serious about improving your Spanish? I am, and that’s why, for more than three years, I’ve been working with a team of Spanish teachers, voiceover artists, and video editors from various Hispanic countries to develop Real Spanish. I have learnt so much Spanish, as well as new skills such as how to write a video script, how to make animated videos using online software, how to upload a video to YouTube, subtitle a video and research images that support comprehension. It’s been a real adventure.

Today I’m going to update you about what we’ve been doing here lately.

First of all, Real Spanish will soon have a new look. It will be more attractive, and easier to navigate. We’ll be celebrating the re-launch with special offers: stay tuned!

Second, we plan to upload new videos on YouTube every Monday. We have four playlists:

Real Spanish in Minutes:

these videos are mini-lessons, mostly under 5 minutes long, that will help you to increase your vocabulary, learn lots of colloquial expressions, and polish your grammar.

Some of these mini-lessons focus on the many different meanings and uses of common words such as leche, or various ways to express an idea or an emotion: for example, expressions for talking about speed, or expressions to reject a suggestion or a request. Miniatura salir rana Miniatura leche
Others are excerpts from our full-length lessons based on clips from movies, TV programs, and documentaries. Miniatura arrugas Miniatura chapuza

To get the most out of these videos, you’ll be able to buy a supplementary set of learning materials for each mini-lesson. You’ll be surprised how much Spanish you can learn!

Real Spanish Grammar:

These mini-lessons focus on common problems such as the use of the subjunctive.

Spanish in minutes - Chapuza
Real Spanish Pronunciation: These mini-lessons are excerpts from our full-length pronunciation lessons and focus on common problems such as the two ways to pronounce the Spanish «erre» (“r”), or the pronunciation of «b» and «v». An interactive practice component is available to Real Spanish subscribers. Miniature Vibrating Rear
Real Spanish: Information and Updates. These videos consist of announcements about new mini-lessons and other updates from Real Spanish.

I close with a reminder about the monthly prize draw that we conduct the first day of the month among all users who signed up on Real Spanish during the previous month. Sign up on Real Spanish today for a chance to win one of our complete Spanish courses! Watch this video to learn more.

Real Spanish - Raffle

Our September winner was Sabrina from Switzerland, who chose the course «Español con los Alcántara: Un malentendido» as her prize.

Real Spanish in Minutes

Real Spanish:

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