Falsos amigos 1: ¿«avergonzada» y «embarazada»

This is the English transcription of the video above. To get the Spanish transcription, click “Español” in the menu bar above. In the video, José explains some “false friends” in Engllish and Spanish; that is, words that seem similar but have acquired different meanings over time.

Hello and welcome to Real Spanish! Today we bring you some examples of falsos amigos (false friends), that is, English words that sound similar to Spanish words but have a different meaning, such as embarrassed (which in Spanish means avergonzado/a) and embarazada (which in English means pregnant).

Another false friend that confuses a lot of people iseventually”, which does not mean eventualmente as one might think, but should be translated as finalmente, al final. Eventualmente means “occasionally”.

Other words often confused are “excited” and excitante. “Excited” normally translates to emocionante in Spanish; be careful with excitante because it often has a sexual meaning.

Also the English word “actually” does not mean actualmente, but en realidad. And actualmente translates as “currently” or “at present” in English.

Well, as you can see, it is important that you learn these words well because if you make a mistake, it can create very embarrassing situations.

And now I encourage you to continue learning with our entertaining lessons on Real Spanish lessons.

Bye for now!

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