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Español con podcasts 1: El cardumen y otros cuentos (in progress)

Español con podcasts 1: El cardumen y otros cuentos (in progress)

    We are publishing this course in instalments over the next few weeks. A free preview lesson will soon be available. The complete course consists of five lessons based on short stories by Júlia Rodríguez Solera, a writer from Barcelona, whose stories deal with current themes and situations. You'll learn many colloquial expressions that you can use in conversation with native speakers.

    Each lesson consists of the following componentes:
  • Presentación (transcription PDF + audio) explaining the context of the story and some words and phrases that will come up in the story.
  • Prueba rápida: quick test based on the presentation.
  • La narración (transcription PDF + audio) of the story.
  • Pueba rápida 2: quick test based on the story
  • La conclusión (transcription PDF + audio) explaining additional vocabulary and grammar points that came up in the story
  • Lista de vocabulario y expresiones (PDF)
  • Hoja de gramática (PDF).
  • Tareas interactivas: practice activities focusing on the vocabulary and expressions highlighted in the lesson
  • Ponte a prueba: online practice to help you evaluate your own progress

  • Recommendation:
  • We recommend that you read the transcriptions at least twice, listening to the audio at the same time, and then study the words and phrases highlighted in the lesson. Remember that repetition is the key to learning a language. So you need to give time and effort in order to really learn this material. That’s why we say that Real Spanish is “for people who are serious about improving their Spanish”.

  • Note: Words and expressions in bold are explained in the columns to the right. The underlined words and phrases are grammar points that we explain in the Hoja de grammática.

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