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If you want to improve your Spanish, you are in the right place! Learn Spanish online with Real Spanish and increase your understanding of spoken language, enhance your fluency, expand your vocabulary, learn a lot of colloquial expressions and refine your pronunciation. For more information, watch this video.

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Picture of Lisa

I deeply enjoyed the Real Spanish website. Having been gifted the Rosetta Stone, I can say there is no comparison. Real Spanish’s fun, entertaining and relevant content kept me engaged and was instructive in culture as well as language.
I felt the site was well-organized keeping me focused and I relished my time with the tv clips etc. The whole experience was delightful,
a sentiment not often used when trying to acquire and learn a second language with online sites.


Picture of Conchita

Thank you very much for the introduction of this wonderful page. What I like best is that the content is very practical, much in daily use and that it has many practices, to help remember its correct use. I think many users like me will love learning Spanish with this powerful tool.


Picture of Simon

I have found the Real Spanish website easy to use and I can learn at my own pace whenever I want. As the lessons introduce phrases that are in use in everyday Spanish, this proves to be more useful than just grammar in text books. By watching and listening to the videos I can improve my skills to understand spoken Spanish at real-time speed. Obviously, being able to pause and replay with or without subtitles enhances my ability to learn.