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These mini-lessons consist of an animated video and a packet of supplementary materials. Some focus on the many different meanings and uses of common words such as «leche» and some colloquial expxressions that use that word, such as «¡Eres la leche!». Others explain various ways to express an idea or an emotion: for example, expressions for talking about speed, or expressions to reject a suggestion or a request. Others consist of excerpts from our full-length lessons based on clips from movies, TV programs, and documentaries. You’ll also find mini-lessons that explain an aspect of Spanish that many speakers of other languages find difficult, such as the use of the subjunctive, words that can be masculine or feminine (such as el orden/la orden), pronominal verbs, verbs that function like «gustar», and more.

The animated videos are lively and engaging, and you will learn new words and colloquial expressions, refine your understanding of tricky points of grammar, and improve your listening comprehension. To help you get the most out of these mini-lessons, each video comes with a set of supplementary learning materials: a complete annotated transcription, a grammar sheet in Spanish and English, and some online activities where you can practise the vocabulary, expressions and grammar highlighted in the mini-lesson. Click here to try a free mini-lesson.

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