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If you’ve studied Spanish but struggle in conversations with native speakers, or still need subtitles when watching films or TV shows in Spanish, our online Spanish courses are for you!

We focus on authentic, colloquial language spoken at native-speaker speed. Our Spanish courses are different from anything else you have tried!

With our online courses you can learn Spanish anywhere, any time!

We have two kinds of Spanish course:

  • Video-lessons based on Spanish films and TV shows
  • Pronunciation courses to help improve your listening comprehension and fluency.

You will soon find that your comprehension improves, you feel more confident in conversation, you sound more natural, your vocabulary expands, you have a better grasp of some of the tricky points of Spanish grammar, and you are able to use a variety of Spanish expressions. Sign up now to try two free preview lessons!

If you like the sample lessons, you can buy an annual subscription or buy only the courses that interest you most.

Aprender español donde y cuando quieras

Annual subscription

With this subscription you get access to all our Spanish courses now available on Real Spanish, as well as all new material as it is published. We are developing new material right now. Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Yes, indeed! The lessons were developed by a team of qualified and highly experienced language teachers. We have taught in many different countries and at various levels. We also write curriculum materials and give workshops and training sessions for teachers. For more information about the Real Spanish team, click here.

Many learners who have studied Spanish to B1-B2 level still have trouble understanding and conversing with native speakers. However, many language schools and online Spanish courses don’t go beyond the B2 level. Real Spanish will help you take your Spanish to the next level!

For more information about our Spanish courses, click below.

Español con cine

Español con cine

Let’s go to the movies! These video-lessons are based on popular films. Try the free preview lesson!

More information

Elizabeth Coelho €18.15

Español con los Alcántara

Español con los Alcántara

Engaging video-lessons based on a popular Spanish TV series.

More information

Elizabeth Coelho €18.15

Noticias curiosidades

Español con noticias y documentales

These video-lessons are based on TV news clips, newspaper articles and documentaries.

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Elizabeth Coelho €18.15

Mejora tu pronunciación

Mejora tu pronunciación

Video-lessons and interactive practice to help improve your listening comprehension and fluency.

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Alexandra €14.52

With each Spanish online course you can:

Mejorar tu comprensión auditiva del lenguaje

Improve your comprehension of colloquial Spanish spoken at normal native-speaker speed

Aprender palabras

Learn at least 15 new words, as well as 10 useful expressions, in each lesson;

Familiarizarte con varios acentos

Become familiar with various Spanish accents;

Mejorar gramática

Improve your command of several grammar points that come up in the lesson;

Historia y cultura de España

Deepen your understanding of the history and culture of Spain and the Spanish-speaking world.

What’s included in each Spanish lesson?

Each lesson consists of the following components:

Los vídeos (5)

Note: You don’t need to take notes while watching the videos. You can download a complete transcription afterwards.

  • Teacher presentation (animated video):

    The virtual teacher provides information that will help you to understand the clips. This is followed by a quick quiz based on 5 items introduced in the presentation.

  • Clip from the movie, subtitled in English:

    This version will help you get a general idea of what’s going on. But if you prefer, you can skip this step.

  • Clip subtitled in Spanish:

    This version will help to improve your listening comprehension. The subtitles match exactly what the actors say… even if they make mistakes! (It’s true, Spanish speakers make mistakes too, especially when speaking rapidly). It’s a good idea to watch this version more than once.

  • Original version:

    You will understand this version if you’ve already seen the version with Spanish subtitles a couple of times.

  • Conclusion (animated video):

    The virtual teacher reviews some of the language from the clips and wraps up the lesson.

PDFs (3)

  • List of vocabulary and expressions

    Introduced in the lesson, with translations in English.

  • Transcription:

    This is a transcription of the entire lesson (presentation, original movie clip with translation, and conclusion). It’s a good strategy to read the transcription while listening to the entire lesson, or parts of the lesson, as often as you need until you can distinguish and understand every word. You can also chime in with the audio. This way you can focus on pronunciation, the stress patterns and the intonation of words and phrases in Spanish.

  • A bit of grammar:

    An explanation of a couple of the grammar points that came up in the lesson.

Learning activities (2)

A suggestion: To help you retain everything in your long-term memory, it’s a good strategy to repeat these activities a few times over the coming weeks— even if you got it all right the first time.

Tareas interactivas

Interactive tasks: These activities will help you to memorise the words and expressions from the lesson. You can also hear a native speaker pronouncing the words and phrases.

Ponte a prueba

Test yourself: These activities will help you to evaluate your comprehension and your knowledge of the words, phrases and grammar points highlighted in the lesson.

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