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If you are here you are keen to improve your Spanish. In Real Spanish we are passionate about the language and will do our best to help you!

This blog brings you interesting information about the Spanish language and the Hispanic world. You can learn lots of vocabulary and expressions that will help you feel more confident and sound more natural in conversation with native speakers. We’ll discuss some tricky grammar points and explain words that are easily confused, such as words that look or sound alike and “false friends”. From time to time we also offer some tips on how to improve your own learning.

Our blog posts are grouped under the following categories:

Spanish Vocabulary and Expressions

Useful Spanish Vocabulary and Expressions

Let us help you learn vocabulary and expressions that you can use to sound more natural in Spanish. We’ll also explain words and expressions that are easily confused, such as words that look or sound alike, and our famous “false friends”.

Cultural Notes

Cultural Notes

Here you will find interesting and sometimes surprising information about the history and culture of Spain and the Hispanic world.

How to improve your own learning

How to improve your own learning

You know that to learn a language well you need to be immersed in it, surrounded by native speakers and using the language as much as possible in your daily activities: shopping, exercising, socializing, cultural activities and more. That’s not so hard if you are in a Spanish speaking environment, but you have to work harder if you are not. Here are some strategies that can really help, whether you are in a Spanish-speaking environment or not.


A Bit of Grammar

Are there some aspects of Spanish grammar that still give you trouble? Here you will find explanations of some of the tricky points of Spanish grammar that often confuse speakers of other languages.



Here you will find information and updates about real Spanish as well as summaries of press articles about the Spanish language: for example, updates in the DRAE and information about the different varieties of Spanish spoken in different parts of the Hispanic world.

Send in your questions and ideas if you’d like us to address a specific topic!