Me importa un huevo


This is a preview of our mini-lesson about colloquial Spanish expressions with the word «huevo». Some expressions with «huevos» are quite vulgar, because the word can also refer to “testicles” or “balls”. If you only want to listen to the audio, you can find it on Soundcloud

Hi! Today I’ll explain some colloquial uses of the word «huevo». Some of these expressions are quite vulgar, because in colloquial language «huevos» can mean “testicles” or “balls”, so be careful how you use them!

Have you heard the expression «Me importa un huevo»? It means “I don’t care” or “I don’t give a shit.”

In Mexico «a huevo has two meanings, depending on the context. It can be a strong yes, or the equivalent of “You bet!” For example,

«¿De verdad vas a aceptar ese trabajo? Tendrás que viajar mucho». (Are you really going to accept that job? You’ll have to travel a lot.)

«A huevo, no puedo perderme tal oportunidad.» (You bet I am, I’m not going to miss such an opportunity.)

It can also mean «pase lo que pase» (no matter what). For example, «Tengo que terminar este proyecto para el viernes, a huevo» (I have« to finish this project by Friday, no matter what (or, come hell or high water).

In Spain, «a huevo» means «a tiro» or «alcance» (it’s easy, a piece of cake, a walk in the park). For example, «Te has preparado muy bien la entrevista y ya conoces al jefe, vas a conseguir el trabajo seguro, lo tienes a huevo» (You are well prepared for the interview and you already know the boss, so it’s a piece of cake for you).

There are so many expressions with «huevo» that we have created a mini-lesson on the topic. It consists of:

  • A video
  • An annotated transcription
  • A set of grammar notes
  • A couple of interactive exercises

Click below to learn more.

OK, that’s all for today. Bye for now!


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