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With podcasts you can take Real Spanish with you, wherever you go.

For many people, listening comprehension is the most difficult aspect of learning a language. That’s why we offer online Spanish courses based on podcasts, so you can focus on listening. The lessons are based on short stories and press articles, narrated by native speakers at normal speed.

We’ve chosen stories and articles about present events and human-interest stories. Our virtual teachers explain the vocabulary, the expressions and some grammar points that come up in the lessons. They also explain the cultural context, which is just as important as the language when it comes to participating in real conversations with native speakers. You’ll learn vocabulary and expressions that are used regularly in daily life and in the press. You’ll also learn a lot about culture and lifestyle in the Spanish-speaking world.

Each course consists of five lessons. Each lesson takes 1-2 hours or more, depending on how thoroughly you study. Remember that repetition is the key to language learning.

Each lesson consists of:

  • La presentación: Preview of the context and some words and phrases that will come up in the story or article (transcription + audio)
  • Prueba rápida 1: Quick quiz based on the content of the presentation
  • La narración: Narration of the story or article (transcription + audio)
  • Prueba rápida 2: Quick quiz based on the content of the story or article
  • La conclusión: Lesson review (transcription + audio)
  • Lista de vocabulario y expresiones: A list of words end expressions highlighted in the lesson, with English translations (PDF)
  • Hoja de gramática: grammar notes to improve your command of some grammar points that came up in the lesson.
  • Tareas interactivas: Various activities to help you practise using the vocabulary and expressions (PDF)
  • Ponte a prueba: short tests to assess your own learning.


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Would you like to see all our courses and try a free sample lesson?

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