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April 10 2023Who is Pedro in the colloquial Spanish expression «Como Pedro por su casa»?El rey Pedro 1 de Aragón
March 6 2023Which of these words means “sole of a shoe”?La suela
February 22 2023Which of these words means “report”?El parte
January 27 2023Do most Spanish people prefer vino blanco or vino tinto?Vino tinto
January 18 2023What does the colloquial Spanish expression «Ni qué niño muerto» mean?Absolutely not!
January 7 2023What does the colloquial Spanish expression «Es una chapuza» mean?Option 3
January 6 2023Which of these words is NOT a vulgar Spanish term for “testicles”?Cojines
January 6 2023What does «salir de rositas» mean?To get away with it
December 26 2002What do people eat at midnight in Spain on December 31?Option 3
December 22 2022What does «aguafiestas» mean?A wet blanket (party pooper)
December 21 2022¿Cuál es la expresión correcta?Celebramos la Navidad
December 9 2022What does «ponerse morado» mean?To eat a lot
November 27 2022Which image is best for the caption «salir de marcha»?Option 2
November 18 2022What’s the missing word?
Está borracho como un/a
Una cuba

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