Un trocito de Real Spanish: «Cómo Pedro por su casa»

This video is a preview of our online Spanish course «Español con noticias y documentales 2: La historia tres regiones bilingües de España». It explains the origin of the colloquial expression «Como Pedro por su casa».

King Pedro I of Aragon is famous for his conquests. In the year 1096 he conquered Huesca in the famous battle of Alcoraz against the Muslims. This battle gave rise to the well-known phrase entróse como Pedro en Huesca, since he won easily and unexpectedly thanks to his qualities as a strategist.

Over time, this saying entróse como Pedro en Huesca gave way to a more current one: como Pedro por su casa which means feeling very comfortable in a place that is new or unknown.

It is also often used to say that a person takes a lot of liberties in a place or environment.

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