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Español con cine 1: «Arrugas»

Español con cine 1: «Arrugas»

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The complete course course consists of 6 lessons based on the prizewinning animated film «Arrugas», a moving yet amusing story about a friendship between two old men in a care home. Each lesson consists of:

Presentación (video): The virtual teacher explains the context and some key vocabulary and expressions to help you understand the movie clip.

Movie clip subtitled in English

Movie clip subtitled in Spanish

Movie clip without subtitles

Conclusion (video): The virtual teacher wraps up the lesson, reviewing key points that came up in the movie clip.

Vocabulario y expresiones: a list of key words and phrases, with translation in English

Transcripción: Transcription of the entire lesson

Un poco de gramática: Explanation of key grammar points highlighted in the lesson

Tareas interactivas: Online practice activities to help you learn the vocabulary and expressions

Ponte a prueba: Online activities to assess your own learning
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