Un trocito de Real Spanish: «¿Cómo andas de dinero?»

This is the English transciption of the video in which Antonio explains the meaning of «andar bien/mal de algo». You can choose to view the video before or after reading the text. We suggest you also listen to the audio while reading the text, chiming in with Antonio from time to time to improve your pronunciation and intonation.

Hello! I’m Antonio, a teacher from Real Spanish. We continue to publish our «Trocitos de Real Spanish», which focus on interesting expressions or grammar points, or give you a preview of some of our courses and mini-lessons.

Today’s snippet explains the phrase andar bien/mal de algo. In this case andar does not mean “to walk”. Listen:

Celia: I don’t think my sister is coming to spend Christmas with us.

Antonio: How so?

Celia: She says she’s had to sell the car. She’s really short of money these days.

Antonio: Well right now we are OK for money; we can pay for her train ticket.

Celia: That’s a great idea, love! Very kind of you. I’m going to phone her right away.

By the way, have you noticed the use of the subjunctive? Remember that, although creer in the affirmative goes with the indicative, the negative No creer algo always goes with the subjunctive.

Well, we plan to create a new mini-lesson focusing on other expressions with andar. There are so many…

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If you’ve encountered other expressions with «andar», tell us about it below, in English or in Spanish.

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