«El pez gordo» y otras expresiones con «gordo»

Do you know the colloquial expression «El pez gordo»? In this video Inés explains and gives examples of the following expressions:

un problema gordo

pasar algo gordo

hacer la vista gorda

el pez gordo

English transcription:

Hi! I’m Inés Alba, from Real Spanish.

You know the word «gordo» or «gorda», right? But it’s important to know that we don’t use this adjective to describe people because it is very offensive. However, we can use the diminutive «gordito/a», to soften the message.

This adjective can be used with other meanings, especially in colloquial language. It can be something very big, unusual or very important. For example: «Tuvo un problema gordo» o «Le pasó algo gordo» (He had a big problem, or something big happened to him).

Do you know the expression «armarse la gorda»? It is used when there is a big uproar, a strong argument or a very serious problem.

With this sense of “important” we have the expression «el pez gordo», which means a big shot, a rich person, with a lot of power and influence. We also say «hacer la vista gorda» when we want to pretend not to see someone’s mistakes or not to see something that is our responsibility (to turn a blind eye).

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