«Ni a tiros» y otras expresiones con «tiro»

Do you know the expression Ni a tiros?  José explains this and other expressions with «tiro» in this vídeo.

Transcripción del vídeo:

Hello and welcome to Real Spanish!
Today I am going to explain to you some expressions with the word «tiro», which usually means “a shot” from a pistol or shotgun.

Related to this meaning we have the expression «salir el tiro por la culata», that is, to obtain the opposite result to what was expected.

Have you ever heard someone say, «me sienta o me cae como un tiro»? It means that something makes you feel very bad.

The expression «por ahí van los tiros» means “Yes, you got it right.” But it is used more in a negative sense: «Por ahí no van los tiros», which means “You didn’t understand well” or “That’s not what I mean”.

We also say« ni a tiros »to express that we cannot or do not want to do something in any way, at all.

But be careful not to mix up «tiro» with «tirón», because «hacer algo del tirón» means “to do something all in one go”.

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