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Happy New Year; I hope your New Year’s resolutions include improving your Spanish! We can help. Here is an overview of what’s available now at Real Spanish.

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Our multimedia courses

Our multimedia courses are the heart of Real Spanish and we’ve adopted the slogan “Real Spanish: online courses for people who are serious about improving their Spanish”. Most of these courses focus on the colloquial language, grammar and vocabulary that arise in clips from popular TV programs and movies, but we also have some courses that focus on pronunciation.

Good to know:

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  • We have special prices for schools and teachers: contact us for more information.
Español con cine y televisión

Each course consists of 4 -6 lessons. 5 complete courses now available:

Español con cine 1: «Arrugas». 6 video-lessons based on a prizewinning animated movie.

Español con cine: Arrugas
Español con cine 2: «Ocho apellidos vascos». 4 video-lessons based on a popular movie about an unlikely romance between a young Basque woman and a young man from Sevilla.Español con cine 2
Español con noticias y documentales 1: «Entrevistas y reportajes». 5 interesting video-lessons based on clips from TV news and documentaries.Español con noticias y documentales
Español con noticias y documentales 2: «La historia de tres regiones bilingües de España». 6 video lessons based on interesting documentaries about the Basque Country, Galicia and Catalonia.Español con noticias y documentales 2
Español con los Alcántara 1: «Un malentendido». 4 video-lessons based on clips from a popular Spanish TV series.Español con los Alcántara

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Mejora tu pronunciación con Real Spanish

Each course consists of 5 video-lessons plus an online practice component. Two courses now available, with more on the way.

Problemas comunes: for example, how to pronounce R in Spanish; how to pronounce B and V.

Las vocales: how to produce the tense vowel sounds of Spanish.Mejora tu pronunciación 2

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Our Mini-lessons

These video-lessons are freely available on our site and on YouTube and most are 3-5 minutes long. We plan to upload new videos every Monday. We have four playlists:

Playlist: Real Spanish in Minutes

These mini-lessons focus on colloquial language. Some explain the many different meanings and uses of common words such as leche, or various ways to express an idea or an emotion: for example, expressions for talking about speed, or expressions to reject a suggestion or a request. Others consist of excerpts from our full-length lessons based on clips from movies, TV programs, and documentaries.

To help you get the most out of these videos we have developed a set of supplementary learning materials for each of these video-lessons. You’ll be surprised how much Spanish you can learn! Each set consists of

  • A complete annotated transcription
  • Grammar notes in English and Spanish
  • Online practice activities

Miniatura salir rana

Real Spanish in Minutes: « No seas aguafiestas »

Real Spanish in Minutes Transcripción: ¡A toda caña!

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Playlist: Real Spanish Pronunciation in Minutes: These mini-lessons are excerpts from our full-length pronunciation lessons (see above). Apart from the free sample lesson, the interactive practice component is available only when you buy a complete pronunciation course.Miniatura erre vibrante
Real Spanish Grammar in Minutes: These mini-lessons focus on common problems such as the use of the subjunctive. Free transcriptions available in Spanish and English.
Playlist: Real Spanish Information and Updates: information about new materials, special offers, and tips on language learning. Free transcriptions available in Spanish and English.

Please explore our site, try the free samples, and send us comments and questions on YouTube or here on Real Spanish. Soon we will be piloting a new project: podcasts, so you can take Real Spanish with you wherever you go (on your bike, on the bus, in the bath…) Watch this space!

Important: please add info@realspanish.eu to your contacts so we can let you know about special offers, new courses and new mini-lessons.

Saludos desde Barcelona.

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Each complete Real Spanish lesson has a separate sheet explaining the grammar points covered in the lesson.

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