¡Marchando! (Right away!)

¡Marchando! (Right away!)
If you live Spain, or often visit the country, you must have heard a waiter say this in a bar: «¡Marchando!». It means the waiter is going to bring your order right away, or is going to get to work right away, like switching on a machine. But the verb «marchar» and the noun «la ... Read more

¡Eres la leche! (You’re something else!)

The word leche is used a lot in Spanish, not only to refer to the milk of animals such as cows, goats and sheep, or mother’s milk for babies. The dictionary of the Royal Academy of Spanish (Real Academia Española, RAE) gives nine different meanings for the word. Some of these are very colloquial; for ... Read more

No way!

¡Qué va!
Today, we’ll introduce you to some expressions you can use to reject a request, a suggestion, or an idea. Of course you can just say no, but your speech will be more expressive (and impressive) if you can use some of the expressions below. Some are more formal than others. Expression Comments Example in context ... Read more

At top speed!

A toda velocidad
Co-author: Gema Benítez Sánchez There are so many interesting expressions that you can use to make your Spanish sound more colloquial and more natural! We’ll bring you some of them in this blog, as well as in all our lessons based on movies and TV programmes. Today, we’ll introduce you to some expressions about speed. ... Read more