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Do you teach Spanish at intermediate-advanced level?
Your students will love Real Spanish!

Many learners who have studied Spanish to B1-B2 level still have trouble understanding and conversing with native speakers, or watching TV programs and movies. Real Spanish can help you meet their needs, using engaging video content and other materials.

You can use our online Spanish courses with intermediate-advanced classes or in private lessons face-to-face or online. You’ll soon see that their listening comprehension improves, they feel more confident talking to native speakers, they sound more natural, their vocabulary expands, they deepen their understanding of grammar structures, and are more able to use a wide variety of useful expressions.

What is Real Spanish?

  • Our video-lessons based on clips from TV shows and movies. focus on authentic colloquial language spoken at normal native-speaker speed. As well as the videos, each lesson comes with PDFs and interactive tasks.
  • We also offer interactive pronunciation lessons which help students to improve their pronunciation and tune their ears to the sounds of Spanish.
  • As well, we offer several examples of how to use the materials on Real Spanish with your students. Click here to view or download them.
  • You will also find our mini-lessons useful. Some of these are short excerpts from our full-length lessons. Others focus on interesting aspects of the language such as the many uses of common words like leche or various ways to express surprise, annoyance, refusal, etc., as well as words that are easily confused, such as “false friends” or words that look or sound alike. You’ll also find some mini-lessons about tricky points of grammar, and others about the culture and history of Spain and other Hispanic countries. In the original blog posts you’ll find more detailed information and some useful links. You can use these mini-lessons in class, or the students can view them at home. Check them out on our YouTube channel!

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Real Spanish is a work in progress. With the individual subscription, you get permanent access to all the material now available on Real Spanish, as well as to all new material as it is published. Alternatively, if you teach courses that last only a few weeks or months, you can buy courses individually, choosing the cours(es) according to the needs and interests of your students.

We’d like to know how you use our online Spanish courses. You can also send us your own suggestions and ideas for using the materials. We’ll publish them here to share with other teachers. And if you see something we ought to change, or correct, please let us know!



Sol, España

It is a great satisfaction to finally find a method of teaching Spanish for advanced levels; for all those students who want to expand and improve their use of the language. An agile, pleasant and effective method. The conversations chosen as a complement to the didactic content of the units are an excellent approach to the real use of our language and culture. I will recommend it without hesitation to the foreign students in my cooking courses for Spanish learners. It is a very useful platform for those who are interested not only in learning Spanish, but also in becoming familiar with Spanish society and recent history.

Sol, Spanish teacher: Spain