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Mejora tu pronunciación 1: «Problemas comunes»

Mejora tu pronunciación 1: «Problemas comunes»


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    With the 5 lessons of this course you can improve your ability to perceive and produce the following sounds:


    • La erre vibrante simple (the sound of “r” in pero)
    • La erre vibrante múltiple (the sound of “r” in perro)
    • La de oclusiva y aproximante (the sounds of “d” in día and cada día: yes, they’re different!)
    • La be y la uve oclusivas y aproximantes (the sounds of “b” and “v” in Valencia and a Valencia)
    • La ge oclusiva y aproximante (the sounds of “g” in guante and aguante)


    For best results with the interactive component of this lesson, we suggest you use a headset and microphone, and the browsers Firefox or Chrome. We also suggest you repeat each lesson several times, especially the practice component. Each lesson in this course takes 1-2 hours or more, depending on whether you re-watch the video, how hard you study, and whether you replay the interactive session several times over the course of a week. Remember that repetition is the key to learning a language.

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