«¡Se acabo!» and other uses of «acabar»

The video above explains some uses of the verb «acabar». The English transcription is below. If you just want to listen to the audio, you can find it on Soundcloud

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Today we bring you some uses of the verb «acabar». I’m sure you already know that this verb means “to finish” or “to end” something. However, «acabar de» + infinitive is used to indicate that something has just happened. For example:

– Acabo de lavarme el pelo.

– I’ve just washed my hair.

Be careful with the negative though, because «no acabar de» + infinitive means to be unable to do something, no matter how hard you try. Look at this example:

– No acabo de entender la diferencia entre «ser» y «estar».

-I can’t figure out the difference between «ser» and «estar».

On the other hand, «acabar por» + infinitive means to do something after a series of previous actions. For example:

– Después llamar a la puerta durante un rato, acabó por marcharse. (This is the same as «al final se marchó»)

– After knocking at the door for a while, he ended up leaving.

With the same meaning we can also use «acabar» + gerund, although this expression may also express the state or form in which something ends, or an action in progress. For example:

–  Después de discutir con su pareja, acabó llorando.

– After an argument with her partner, she ended up in tears.

Another use is «acabar con» + noun, which means “to destroy”, “to break up”, or “to put an end to”.  For example:

– Con ayuda de su psicólogo acabó con su miedo a volar.

– With the help of her psychologist, she put an end to her fear of flying.

And we can also use «acabar en» + noun to indicate the result of previous actions. For example:

– La discusión entre mis hermanos acabó en pelea.

– The argument between my brothers ended up in a fight.

Okay, we have the expression «se acabó» (It’s over!) to put an end to an argument or a difficult situation.

I hope you ‘ve enjoyed this Trocito. See you soon! Bye!

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