Novedades de Real Spanish: Clases particulares

This is the transcription of the video above, in which Carmen tells you about our new private online Spanish lessons, and introduces you to Gema, our star Spanish teacher. Her lessons will help you to to deepen and reinforce what you learn in our online Spanish video-lessons. You can book a free trial lesson with Gema right now. Click below for more information: Gema is waiting for you!

Do you know that we now offer private online Spanish classes? These classes will help you get the most out of our courses and mini-lessons.

Our teacher will ask you questions to make sure you have understood, and to help you practise the important vocabulary.

Profesora: Bueno, entonces, ¿sabes qué diferencia hay entre una caja y una caja de ahorros?

Estudiante: Creo que una caja de ahorros es como un banco, ¿no?


You can express your personal opinion, say whether you agree or disagree on a particular topic, or simply improve your oral expression as you talk about something in the lesson.

Profesora: ¿Entonces qué opinas de la actitud de Xoán con su padre?

Estudiante: Me parece que es muy duro con él, ¿no?

Profesora: Claro, pero tenemos que tener en cuenta que no es fácil cuidar a una persona enferma, ¿verdad? ¿Alguna vez has tenido que cuidar de alguien?


The teacher corrects the student from time to time, but not too much, because the important thing is that you feel comfortable speaking Spanish.

Profesora: ¿Sabes por qué está tan enfadado Xoán con su padre?

Estudiante: Porque es muy mayor y empeza a perder su memoria.

Profesora: Sí, empieza a perder la memoria. Recuerda que el verbo empezar es irregular, entonces decimos él…

Estudiante: … empieza.

Profesora: Perfecto, muy bien. Y, ¿cómo lo sabes?


You can also ask questions about points of grammar that you don’t understand, and practise with an extra activity if necessary.

Estudiante: Hay algo que no entiendo, ¿por qué se usa el subjuntivo en la frase «no hay quien lo aguante»?

Profesora: ¡Ah! Buena pregunta. ¿Has estudiado alguna vez las oraciones de relativo?

Estudiante: Pues la verdad es que no me acuerdo…

Profesora: Pues mira, te explico…


But you don’t have to limit yourself to the content of the lesson. Our teacher will help you in any way you need.

OK, may I present Gema, our teacher. If you want to see this video in English, advance the video one minute.


Hi! I’m Gema. I’m a native Spanish teacher with more than 15 years of experience and I have a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish for Foreigners. My methodology is communicative. I think the best way to learn is by speaking and interacting. But you can practise all the language skills you need: writing, or listening… because my lessons are tailored to each student. In our free sample lesson, we are going to talk a little bit to get to know your level and to create a study plan according to your goals, needs and interests. I am very patient. I have a great sense of humour and my classes are a lot of fun. Why don’t you book a class with me now, so we can get to know each other better?


You can book a free half-hour sample lesson, to get to know Gema and plan your lessons.

Click below to learn more and to book your sample lesson. Bye for now!

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