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This is the English transcription of the video above, which is featured on our home page. Meet Carmen and Juan, two of our virtual teacher, as they explain our focus on colloquial language spoken at normal native-speaker speed, and demonstrate our instructional approach using animated video and images to aid comprehension. If you’ve studied Spanish but still struggle in real conversations with native speakers, Real Spanish is for you!


Carmen: Hi and welcome to Real Spnish! I’m Carmen, one of your virtual teachers.

Juan : And I’m Juan, another virtual teacher.

Carmen: Have you been studying Spanish for a while, but lose the thread of the conversatio because you are thinking about vocabulary and grammar? Do you still have trouble understanding what native speakers are saying? It’s not surprising. Native speakers talk very fast— «a toda pastilla». I’m sure you know that «pastilla» means “a pill or tablet” in English. But the colloquial expressión «a toda pastilla» has a different meaning.

Another problem is that native speakers use colloquial expressions that you don’t often find in language textboks. You have to listen to many authentic conversations to be able to participate in a conversation with native speakers. But don’t worry, with Real Spanish you can improve your comprehension, increase your vocabulary, learn lots of colloquial expressions, reinforce your knowledge of grammar and improve your fluency in Spanish. At the same time, you’ll learn a lot about the history and cuture of Spain and the Hispanic world. ¡Real Spanish is your place!

Juan: With Real Spanish you can enjoy interesting video-lessons based on clips for television and movies. They focus mainly on colloquial language at normal speed. These lessons don’t follow a fixed sequence of vocabulary and grammar. And you won’t get bored doing exercieses that have nothing to do with the content of the lessons.  Instead we focus on the vocabulary, expressions and grammar points that come up in the clips. We also explain the cultural context.

Both: Let’s go!

If you’d like to learn more expressions that mean “very fast” or “flat out”, you’ll enjoy our minilesson «A toda caña». For a free preview, see this Trocito de Real Spanish on YouTube.


Real Spanish: online Spanish courses and minilessons for people who are serious about improving their Spanish.

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    Online Spanish courses for people who are serious about improving their Spanish.

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